Why is the map responding slowly?

We are always monitoring for performance as more and more users discover the Parcel Viewer.  The app may occasionally experience slowness for a variety of reasons.  Here are a few:

  • You are zoomed out in an area where there is a lot of map features (i.e. parcels) and you use the pan tool to pan to a new area.
  • You are zoomed out when using the popup tool, which is delayed by having to draw the map features first. 

To improve performance, you can: 

  • Turn off property labels.  Go to the layer list Layer Listand uncheck the tax property labels (top).
  • Use search by address or parcel identifier to get to your desired location. 
  • Make sure you are zoomed in before using the popup feature to identify a property.  
  • Use the navigation tool in the upper right to navigate the map view more efficiently. 
  • Confirm that you do not have more than one application session open at a time.
  • Refresh the browser page if you encounter consistent slowness.

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