Who needs to get a food worker card?

Any person who works in a grocery store, restaurant, school cafeteria, camp kitchen, deli, tavern, or other retail food establishment and anyone who handles unwrapped food products will need to obtain a food worker card.

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1. Who needs to get a food worker card?
2. How can I get a card that is valid for three years?
3. Who do I contact if I have a problem with the online class?
4. Can I stop the training and complete it later on?
5. My session has timed out. Now what do I do?
6. I live outside of Washington state, but will be working as a food worker in Washington state, how do I get my food worker card?
7. How do I replace or reprint my food worker card?
8. When will my card expire?
9. Why does my new card cost $10?