What funding is available for proposed projects in the Implementation Plan?

The various services, facilities, and oversight projects outlined in the Implementation Plan will need to be matched to applicable funding types. Some of the funding is in progress or likely while other sources still need to be identified in order to fill gaps. 

Funding Source

How It Can Be Spent

Proposed new sales tax

1/3 must go to Criminal Justice, 2/3 for anything, including the proposed Implementation Plan

State funds

Behavioral Health and Housing facility capital costs (crisis relief and stabilization centers) 

County Behavioral Health Fund

Any behavioral health purpose, including Therapeutic Courts, school prevention, community behavioral health services, psychiatric services in the jail, GRACE program. 


Healthcare, including behavioral health  services, outside the jail (reimbursement rates are limited) 

North Sound Behavioral Health ASO

State and Federal funding for regional behavioral health facilities and services, crisis services, involuntary commitment, co-responder program

Local housing funds

Affordable Housing, rental assistance, shelter and related services  

General Fund and existing sales tax

Supports operating costs for existing jail and Work Center

Read about funding possibilities in the Implementation Plan

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1. What's in the Justice Project Implementation Plan?
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7. What funding is available for proposed projects in the Implementation Plan?
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13. Will funding a new jail and behavioral health center limit or reduce funding for substance use disorder, mental health, and other wraparound services?
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16. Can the County eliminate bail?
17. What criteria are used to determine jail size, and how many beds are being proposed?
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19. What are the cost estimates for all the proposed facilities?
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