What is the purpose of the CAP Utilization Plan and what is the County looking for in the plan I submit?

The Prime Contractor is responsible for developing and implementing a plan to achieve the fifteen percent (15%) apprentice utilization. The Contractor alone may not be able to meet the 15% and should subcontract with companies who may provide apprentice hours sufficient to meet the 15% apprentice utilization for the project overall. The plan is a tool for both the Contractor and the CAP Coordinator that shows how and when the Contractor intends to meet the 15% apprentice utilization. The plan should be based on the total hours and apprentice hours the Contractor and any subcontractors expect to achieve.

The County is looking for a realistic plan that can be used to determine if the Contractor is on track to meet the 15% apprentice utilization requirement. The Contractor is responsible for updating the plan as changes occur that would affect the Contractor’s ability to meet the requirement and communicating this information to the Project Manager and CAP Coordinator. 

For projects with a short number of days for project completion, the Contractor should monitor the plan to actual labor hours more frequently.

The Contractor will submit a CAP Utilization Plan to the Project Manager and receive approval in writing by the CAP Coordinator.

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