My plan shows that I cannot meet the apprentice utilization requirement-what should I do?

The Contractor will certify in the bid and in the CAP Utilization Plan the commitment to attaining the 15% apprentice utilization. The easiest way to prepare to meet the 15% apprentice utilization is to consider subcontractors and plan for this when preparing a bid. When a bid is submitted, there should be an awareness of apprentice utilization on the entire project and subcontractors that can be attained. 

It is the Contractor’s responsibility to act as soon as it becomes evident that meeting the 15% apprentice utilization will be challenging. 

Review the work plan to determine if there are any areas where apprentice utilization can be increased, whether through new employment or subcontractors. 

If that is not an option, submit documents that support efforts to meet the utilization and a completed Request for Modification of CAP Utilization Plan form to the CAP Coordinator requesting approval for an exception or waiver.

If you cannot meet the 15% apprentice utilization or provide evidence that you made an effort to meet the 15%, you are not in compliance with the contract. If you have questions about a particular situation, contact your project manager for guidance as soon as the situation arises.

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