What does documented evidence for an exception or waiver look like?

Documentation of the efforts made to utilize apprentices is the evidence needed to support a request for exception or waiver. In addition to the documented efforts, one can include a narrative describing the situations that impact the ability to meet the 15% apprentice utilization. This is not required and cannot be in lieu of documented evidence of efforts to utilize apprentices. All evidence must accompany a “Request for Modification of CAP Utilization Plan” form. Some examples include

  • Letters or e-mail correspondence from apprenticeship programs or contractors
  • Documents showing you or your subcontractors participate in Registered Apprenticeship Programs and no apprentices were available for the project
  • Lists or L&I ARTS printouts showing the lack of availability or lack of Registered Apprenticeship Programs
  • Agreements, contracts, or subcontracts
  • Payrolls, timecards, and schedules
  • Spreadsheets or data from company systems
  • Logs of phone calls with names, dates, and outcomes
  • Documentation showing a disproportionately high ratio of material costs to labor hours, which does not make feasible the required minimum levels of apprentice participation.
  • Documentation showing the reasonable and necessary requirements of the contract which render apprentice utilization infeasible at the required levels.

In most cases, the evidence will be documentation demonstrating that you or a subcontractor participates in Registered Apprenticeship Programs but no apprentices or enough apprentices were available during the project. If apprentices are not available for dispatch at the beginning of a long-duration job, the contractor is expected to check back with the program periodically to see if apprentices are available.

Other unique situations may arise. If you have questions about a particular situation, contact your Project Manager for guidance as soon as possible.

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