What is a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem (VGAL)?
The first CASA program was developed in Seattle, in 1977, by Judge David Soukup who recognized the need for children involved in dependency court to be represented by an impartial advocate who could speak on behalf of the child. To meet this need, Seattle began recruiting, training, and appointing qualified community volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children.

Following the success and model of this program, numerous programs began cropping up across the nation. In 1984, the National CASA Association opening its doors in Seattle followed by Washington State CASA in 1988. Whatcom County started our program in 2008, and today there are over 50,000 CASA volunteers advocating for children across the country.

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1. What is a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem (VGAL)?
2. What does a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem (VGAL) do?
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