If I can’t attend a Council meeting, how can I find out what the Council discussed?

You can access information about a Council meeting by visiting the : Legislative Information Center. Here you can 

  • Access All Meeting Information
    On the new site, all meeting information will be organized by tabs that present details with multiple filtering options. 
    • Meeting Information (a calendar list format that gives you access to agendas, packets, media, files, and action taken on agenda items) 
    • Search Files (a search page to look for files by date, topic, or file type)
    • Meeting Bodies (filter searches for Council or a particular Committee and see the councilmembers that are on each meeting body) 
  • Access the Code and Charter
    There will be a direct link to the Whatcom County Code and Charter from the Legislative Information Center and still from the main County Council page.

    Find Archived Meeting Information 
    Older meeting information will be easily accessed through the Archives tab.

    Search Ordinances, Resolutions, and Minutes Two Ways
    Ordinances and Resolutions will be found and searchable for content in two places.
    • Going forward, these documents will be attached to the meeting details of the corresponding Council meeting date
    • You will also be able to access all ordinances, resolutions and minutes through a "Legislation and Minutes 1979-Present" tab 
  • Create Custom Searches and Personalized Alerts
    The Legislative Information Center tabs will allow for multi-faceted filtering so you can quickly find what you are looking for. You can also create custom alerts based on search parameters such as meeting bodies, time periods, or topics. 

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