How can I get my information removed from the assessor’s website?

Assessor records are public records and subject to full disclosure, except for records that are expressly exempt from disclosure by law. The exceptions are as follows:

For our office, records that are exempt from disclosure and treated as confidential are income and expense information for the senior citizen and disabled persons programs (RCW 84.36.389), and also commercial/industrial property and personal property asset information (RCW 42.56.070 and 42.56.210).

The Washington State Legislature passed law (RCW 40.24) in 1991 creating a program for protecting personal address information for persons who are survivors or victims of crime. These are sometimes referred to as witness protection programs. Individuals may seek to have personal address information suppressed by registering for the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) with the Washington Secretary of State. In 2011, the ACP began accepting "criminal justice employees who have been threatened or harassed because of their work". Assessors are notified by the Washington Secretary of State when individuals become enrolled for ACP.

For more information, please see the Address Confidentiality Program website here:

On their website you can view the eligibility requirements and how to apply by clicking the "Get Help" link.

Address confidentiality program eligibility link

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