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Primary Residence Flood Damage Form

  1. Whatcom County Home and Rental Damage Assessment

    Use this form to help Whatcom County support our request for aid from Washington State and the Federal Government.  This is the first step in being able to receive aid in our County.  At this point, there is no guarantee that we will receive aid.  If the damage occurred outside of Whatcom County, please contact that county to report.

    Fill this form out one time for each location where damage occurred.  Do not combine locations into one form. If you need help filling out this form, please call the Damage Assessment Line at 360-788-5311 and leave a message. Someone will call you back to fill it out. If you have already talked to someone from the Damage Assessment Line at 360-788-5311, you have already completed this process. Please do not fill out this form. 

    EVERY question must be answered in order to be processed.

  2. Note: If you are simply assisting someone else and they are there with you, use their name

  3. Note: If you are simply assisting someone else and they are there with you, use their name

  4. Please use only numbers and letters. Do not use any special characters including periods or #.  Use St for Street, Ave for Avenue, Rd for Road, Blvd for Boulevard, Hwy for Highway/SR/St Rd/Hiway, Ct for Court.

  5. Five-digit zip code without the +four.

  6. Do you OWN or RENT this location? *
  7. Owners: Enter your best GUESS at what it will cost to repair the structure itself (carpet, walls, cupboards, furnace, doors, ductwork, etc. – all the parts that would generally stay with the house if you moved out, not including appliances.) 

    You do not need to have official estimates, yet.  This is a guess at this point.  Do not wait for official estimates to complete this form. 

  8. These are the things that you would take with you if you move (furniture, electronics, etc.)  While generally not covered, you may also report loss to vehicles here.

    Renters: do not include appliances/furnishings provided by your landlord. 

    Landlords: include appliances/furnishings that you provide.  Do not include any item that belongs to your renters. 

    You do not need to have official estimates, yet. This is a guess at this point.  Do not wait for official estimates to complete this form.  

  9. Do you have flood insurance? *
  10. Is the location habitable? Can you live in it safely? *

    Can you get to it and live in it safely?  Does it have heat, power, water, etc?

  11. Is the location accessible? Can you get to it safely?*

    Can you get to it and get in to it? 

  12. Very Brief Description of Damages (example: 3” of water. Damage to floors, walls.  Loss of furniture, appliances, 2 vehicles.) Use this column to report any other pertinent information not recorded in the previous columns

  13. Who is the best person to contact if additional information is needed (even if it's the same person as above)?

  14. Please enter the full 10 digit phone number, including area code.  Enter numbers only, no letters or special characters, including commas or (). Correct example:  3607885311

  15. Most information will come to you by email, so it is very important that this is a GOOD email address. 

  16. Do we have your permission to share your information with volunteer organizations?*
  17. Have you completed the "muck out"/debris removal process?*
  18. This is the first step and will help support Whatcom County’s request for aid at the state and federal level. We do not know yet if we will receive any aid, but this helps support our request.  In the meantime, do not delay clean up and repairs.   Be sure to take pictures of your losses, including the water line with a point of reference, take video if it’s helpful, and keep all photos, videos, and receipts for potential future claims with state and federal agencies.  

    If you also have additional damage to report for a business location, a rental property that you own, or a vacation home, please return to the main page and submit an additional form.

    For assistance with needs, call the Whatcom County Needs Line 360-788-5303.

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