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Appointment Request Form

  1. In Person Appointment Request Form

    Our in person appointments are for general permit, building and land use inquiries.  If you have an ongoing project submitted, please contact the assigned Planner directly to discuss or schedule an appointment with them. (Link to staff directory:

    At this time all masks are required for all appointments regardless of vaccination status. If you have forgotten it when you arrive, a mask will be provided to you.

    THIS IS AN APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM ONLY. Once we have assigned you to an open appointment slot, you will receive a confirmation reflecting your scheduled appointment day and time.

  2. Appointment Request Time*

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  3. Day of the Week*

    Please request the day of the week that best works for your appointment.

  4. Your requested date must be a minimum of 2 full business day from today's date.

  5. In the event your first requested date is not available, please provide a 2nd date that will work for you.

  6. Location of the Property

    In order to prepare for your appointment, please provide either a valid site address or parcel number.

  7. In order to have the right staff ready to answer your questions during the appointment, please provide the questions as you have about the property.

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