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Planning and Development Services Building Inspection Request

  1. Building Inspection Request

    We will be closed Monday, December 25th and Tuesday, December 26th in honor of the holidays.  

    Use this form to request inspections for Residential, Detached, Mobile Home, Mechanical, Plumbing and Commercial Permits. At this time we cannot honor specific times AM or PM due to the number of inspection requests and limited inspectors.  If you wish to know the name of your inspector, you may find the name and phone # of the inspector at: or by calling 360-778-5900 on the day of inspection. Inspection requests received after 6:00 PM will not be placed on the following day.  Please note: we do not accept same day inspection requests.  No Exceptions. 

  2. One Permit # per request Example COM2015-00001
  3. Example, Framing, Footings,
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  5. Name of someone that will be responsible for the inspection
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