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VIRTUAL Inspection Request - Planning and Development Services Building

  1. Building Virtual Inspection Request

    Use this form to request a virtual Skype inspection for Mechanical and Plumbing permits. Inspections are currently limited to residential water heaters, mini-splits, furnace or heat pump replacements. You may also be allowed to use this virtual service for simple project re-inspections. Virtual Inspections are available Monday-Friday between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. You must have a device with a webcam (iPad, iPhone, Smartphone/Android, tablet) and download the Skype application onto your device. Please have your user ID and/or e-mail contact available for inspection requests. Requests received after 6:00 PM will not be placed on the following day. We cannot honor same day inspection requests. 

  2. One Permit # per request Example: MEC2018-00001
  3. Type of Virtual Inspection Needed
    This form is only for requesting a virtual inspection for a Mechanical or Plumbing permit to replace a water heater, heat pump/mini split or furnace. If you have another type of inspection you would like done via Skype, please contact Building Services to arrange.
  4. Time of Day
    Virtual Inspections are available between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Please choose your time preference (we will make an effort to accommodate your request but if there are multiple request for a time slot PDS staff will adjust and confirm your assigned time)
  5. Name of someone that will be responsible for the inspection
  6. Please enter any specific other information here for the inspector to review.
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