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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. ADA Compliance Committee
  3. Agricultural Advisory Committee
  4. Behavioral Health Advisory Committee
  5. Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  6. Birch Bay Watershed & Aquatic Res. Mgmt Committee
  7. Board of Equalization
  8. Business & Commerce Advisory Committee
  9. Charter Review Commission
  10. Child & Family Well-Being Task Force
  11. Civil Service Commission
  12. Climate Impact Advisory Committee
  13. Conservation Easement Program Oversight Committee
  14. County Council
  15. County Council Action Taken
  16. COVID Employer Support Task Force
  17. Criminal Justice Treatment Account Panel
  18. Critical Areas Citizens' Advisory Committee
  19. Critical Areas Technical Advisory Committee
  20. Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board
  21. Districting Committee
  22. Economic Development Investment (EDI) Board
  23. EMS Oversight Board
  24. EMS Technical Advisory Board
  1. Food System Committee
  2. Forestry Advisory Committee
  3. Hearing Examiner Public Hearing
  4. Horticultural Pest and Disease Board
  5. Incarceration Prevention & Reduction Task Force
  6. Jail Planning Task Force
  7. Law Library - Board of Trustees
  8. Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
  9. Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee
  10. Noxious Weed Control Board
  11. Parks & Recreation Commission
  12. Planning and Development Services Notifications
  13. Planning Commission
  14. Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee
  15. Public Health Advisory Board
  16. Public Works - Flood Control Zone & Subzone Advisory Committees
  17. Salary Commission
  18. Shellfish Protection Dist. Advisory Committees
  19. Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  20. Solid Waste Executive Committee
  21. Surface Mining Advisory Committee
  22. Veterans Advisory Board
  23. Whatcom County Housing Advisory Committee
  24. Wildlife Advisory Committee